Hogan Forensics

Forensics and Intelligence for Business


Our role as trusted advisor for our clients is centered around three distinct but related domains. By leveraging the most appropriate tools and techniques of these domains for a given situation, we provide impactful solutions while being sensitive to the needs and constraints of our client. The potential of these three domains working together accelerates the efforts of leaders who are looking to take their organization to the next level. Whether you need help dealing with a specific pain point or you want to develop comprehensive solutions, you can count on us to provide the expertise you need to succeed.


Clients utilize forensic services to understand the root cause of business issues and develop mitigation strategies. Forensics is not only utilized in fraud investigations or business disputes, but also has the power to provide key insights about the financial, operational, and technical facets of the organization so stakeholders can make quality decisions.


Clients utilize intelligence services to obtain reliable and actionable information to aid in complex business decisions. While forensics focuses on what has happened or is happening, intelligence looks to give a decision maker a view to the future. Intelligence is about using data and sound techniques to make better decisions.


Clients utilize governance services to ensure that leadership has the resources needed to provide appropriate oversight and guidance. Governance is the linchpin that ties the business together. Whether it is the owner of a small business or the Board of Directors of a large corporation, the governance function is vital to an organization’s continued success.